Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity

The idea of this project is to develop digital skills and provide knowledge and awareness regarding precision technologies that can be used in the field of agriculture to make it more sustainable and of better quality


With a growing world population estimated by the United Nations to be over 9 billion people by 2050, consumption patterns are changing, and it is estimated that demand for food will increase by 70%. Yet, our current farming model is ill suited to respond to future demands and we will need to make some changes in the agricultural production. A sustainable production would be achieved not only by managing the economics, but also by including other factors such as soil fertility, soil erosion or water use. In this context, digital farming appeared as a promising model to help achieve these objectives through precision technology. With this premises “AGRI Smart” (AGRI’s) Cooperation Partnership project aims at:

Promote agriculture entrepreneurship as a sustainable farming model;

Develop precision agriculture in Europe to answer the growing need of food and promote a new model of farming towards a more sustainable one

Empower adults with digital and entrepreneurial skills in the Agro-food industry to become actors of a sustainable future and become more competitive actors at the same time


The activities that will be implemented during the project lifetime will be the following:

Production of a Guide

addressed to all adults interested in the topic. For this purpose, partners will use survey for needs analysis, research, interview with professionals, and peer-review methodologies; The guide which explains the concept of precision agriculture and how it can help to reach a more sustainable model of producing. The guide will contain a state-of-the-art in the involved countries regarding precision technologies applied to agricultural industry with some examples of best precision agriculture practices in order to show the benefits of using them and encourage future entrepreneurs to consider them. The guide will be addressed to adults interested in the topic

Production of a Training Format

addressed to adults’ trainers/educators. Partners will be implementing the output through research making, peer-review methodology, Piloting of the Training Format, Local workshop implementation, feedback collection; The Training Format will provide the target group with some tools and methodologies to be used and reproduced at the local level in order to give new skills and knowledge to young adults that would be interested in agricultural entrepreneurship on how to start a business in agriculture. The Training Format will contain modules dealing with entrepreneurial skills applied to agriculture, including digital skills for young adults to be prepared for a new farming model (data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, social media communication, etc…).

Creation of a social community

to be used by farmers interested in/using precision agriculture and willing to share and/or discuss about their experience regarding precision agriculture practices. social community on a web platform where farmers can share their experience with precision technologies used in their agricultural business, discuss with other farmers regarding these technologies and the data they collected to improve the farming methods and get better quality and more sustainable products.


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