The mobility of adult educators and young adults was organized in the middle of April, 2023, the mobility took place in Spain, Grenada. The meeting was a great opportunity to provide the target group with some tools and methodologies to be used and reproduced at the local level in order to give new skills and knowledge to young adults that would be interested in agricultural entrepreneurship on how to start a business in agriculture.

During the mobility, participants learned the process on how to create a workshop on the dedicated topics. In this way, every participant contributed to the creation of the Training Format. Once TF is ready, it will contain modules dealing with entrepreneurial skills applied to agriculture, including digital skills for young adults to be prepared for a new farming model using precision technologies and digital instruments (data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, social media communication, etc…). The Training Format will respond to the need to have better prepared actors in the field of agriculture, actors prepared to use sustainable ways of farming through digitalization and precision agriculture.

The content will be divided into 4 different modules to deal with: Management; Communication and marketing; Digital skills; Decision process (including decision based on data science).