AGRISMART is a new Cooperation Partnership KA220 project in adult education developed within the
Erasmus+ EU programme frame between six different European organizations from France, Spain,
Rumania, Bulgaria, Italy and Croatia with a large background in non-formal education and training. The
project idea arose to develop digital skills and provide knowledge and awareness regarding precision
technologies that can be used in the field of agriculture to make it more sustainable and of better quality.
In this sense, AGRISMART is completely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, concretely with
numbers two and three, and with The United Nation’s Agenda 2030.
The core goal of this project is addressing digital transformation through the development of digital
readiness, resilience and capacity. In order to reach this goal, AGRISMART aims to:

  1. Promote agriculture entrepreneurship as a sustainable farming model
  2. Develop precision agriculture in Europe to answer the growing need of food and promote a new
    model of farming towards a more sustainable one
  3. Empower adults with digital and entrepreneurial skills in the Agro-food Industry to become
    actors of sustainable future.

AGRISMART involves a series of activities that will be implemented during the project lifetime. These
activities are.
❖ Production of a Guide addressed to all adult interested in the topic. This Manuela will include the
concept of precision agriculture and how it can help to reach a more sustainable production
model as well as the best practices and state of the art of the partners countries.
❖ Production of a training format during which some concepts of the new guide will be tested as
well as a new methodology elaborated through partner’s research making, peer-reviewing, local
workshops and feedback collection. The training will be based on the acquisition of skills and
competences required for starting a new business in the Agro-Food Industry.
❖ Creation of a social community to be used by farmers, project participants and stakeholders
in/using precision agriculture and willing to share and/or discuss about their experiences. This
social community will be based on an online web platform.
If you would like to be part of AGRISMART either as participant or as interested partner, please, do not
hesitate in contacting us. You might find all information at: or